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Cute Love Quotes:

Want to show your deep love to your loved ones? Do it now by checking out these heart touching 21 cute love quotes that will melt your loved one’s heart…

These quotes have been chosen out from our lovely writer’s community on our Instagram Page Handle – thewordstreet. Feel the love ahead and share these deep love quotes with your loved ones to make them feel special. 

1. Touch me like a disease, Kiss me like a SIN, Feel a little tipsy darling & Drink me like a GIN - Adil Qureshi
2. Holding onto hands while crossing the road was her HABIT, Holding onto hands even after the road was crossed was his WISH - Devansh
3. Message to calls, Calls to video calls, Video calls to meetings, Finally we made the FOREVER together - Sanchit Khattar
4. She was loved by everyone, But few gathered the courage to tell her, Rest are poets - Vishwas
5. From, " Can I go to sleep now?" To "Are you coming to sleep?" Long distance RELATIONSHIP turned into long lasting BOND - Saloni Nirhali
6. Kiss me like drops of RAIN, and hold me like we'll never meet AGAIN - Abhinav Sharma
7. Hold my hand and I will prove that, Not everyone comes in your life to LEAVE - Anonymous
8. It's the little things, the ones that we don't think which makes us fall in LOVE deeply - Omair Tarique
9. Watch me when I undress my SOUL with love in your EYES - Girl with soul
10. "Don't lose him", my brother said. "why?" I simply asked. He looks at you the way dad looks to mom, He replied - Aishwarya Halingali
11. Somedays I wish we never met, and then you SMILE and here I am standing like a fool falling in LOVE all over again - Rashi
12. "You are the one I still run back to whenever I need" A shoulder to CRY, Tears to DRY, Shelter from RAIN, Healer from PAIN - Madhi Raj
13. "I fell in LOVE with you because it was FOUR in the morning and the world was missing but weren't" - Ben Maxfield
14. I always left the last pages empty, with a desire that somebody you'd come and change the STORY - Dr Upasna Gupta
16. Breezy night when your hair slowly touches my face looking into each other's eyes and falling in LOVE again - Drastically Insane
17. I wonder how you look at me smiling as if nothing's changed and managed to tell the same lie over and over again, ' That you will STAY' - Noel
18. "That day I decided not to fall in LOVE again, my bad - you changed your profile picture" - Radhav Arora
19. "Why he is different? Because he ends our chats with GIF instead of "K" or "Hmmm" - Divyesh Prajapati
20. "Moving on is for RELATIONSHIPS, there is no move on when you fall in LOVE" - Parth
21. And 2 am makes it hard to decide, Who was worth the curse? the PAIN you have gifted me or the LOVE you had adore me with - Astha

Cute Love Quotes are love indeed.

You know you are in love when you can’t sit in a place without giving a thought about your loved ones. Keep falling in love because it’s the best thing to do in this world. Do it passionately always.

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